Emilia Clarke was often bullied in school for her thick eyebrows

Emilia Clarke rose to distinction as Khaleesi, the Mother of Dragons, in the blockbuster HBO show Game of Thrones. Fans all of the earth love Clarke not just for her depiction of the Dragon Queen yet additionally for her humour and relatability in interviews.


Clarke has since proceeded onward to different projects; however fans still can’t get enough of the entertainer. All things considered, in the past Clarke was not all that adored by the general public.

Despite the fact that she is known as an extraordinary wonder nowadays, famous for her curvy figure, dazzling smile, and signature hazel eyes, Clarke was not generally the beauty queen. Truth be told, when she was a kid in school, she was regularly harassed for her full, thick eyebrows.


Clarke later uncovered that she needed to pluck them to attempt to ease the teasing yet that her mom had “rules” against touching her eyebrows. Clarke expressed that now, years after the fact, she’s “appreciative” for her mom’s wise counsel.

After all, Clarke’s eyebrows have become part of her general appeal, and full eyebrows are especially in style.


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