False Teeth (1968), a tongue-in-cheek film about handcrafting dentures

Making dental prosthetics or dentures in 1968 was multistep prosthodontic work, but this tongue-in-cheek short, False Teeth by Graeme Jackson, explains each handcrafted step with practical panache. The how-it’s-made dentistry film also includes experimental animations, toothy pop culture references, and lots of quirky humor.

false teeth
From the University of Melbourne’s VCA Film & Television School YouTube channel:

This film is released as part of the VCA Film and Television Digital Archive Project, a living audio-visual record of student short films that date back to 1966. The films in the collection display cultural, historical, social and aesthetic significance. They are part of a widespread research, pedagogy and engagement digital archive project aimed at preserving and showcasing this important part of our Australian moving image history.

false teeth
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via Aeon.

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