Fan-favorite Reno 911! characters back for the revival

T.T. (Niecy Nash) appropriately returns in the episode “T.T.’s Auntie’s Funeral.” As the title suggests, T.T.’s aunt has passed away, and the Reno Sheriff’s Department offers to help out with the service. As the incoherent screeching of grieving T.T. continues, they struggle to bring the casket to its intended burial site (in a clever reference to the 2019 hit 1917). They eventually make it, lazily toss it into the hole, and run for the hills, leaving T.T. alone to continue processing her loss.

Even in the event of losing a loved one, T.T.’s personality doesn’t change very much from her usual self. From the moment she appeared in Reno 911! she’s been loud, hysterical, and by no means easy to understand. She looks the same as she did during the series’ Comedy Central run, from the oversized teeth to the lack of bra. Niecy Nash pulls double-duty to portray the character, and is surprisingly not the only Deputy to do so.

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