Five tender minutes with Goodali, mother Gremlin’s baby chimpanzee

Observe little Goodali, a baby chimpanzee born to mother Gremlin within Tanzania’s Gombe National Park. The family lives in the forests where Dr. Jane Goodall first began her pioneering chimpanzee research in the 1960s. Goodali was first seen in August 2019 by Goodall and Jane Goodall Institute science expert and filmmaker Bill Wallauer.

The two humans are not seen in the video, but we do see a lot of tender moments between Gremlin, Goodali, and his four-year-old brother Grendel. Wallauer writes:

It is not easy to be replaced as mom’s baby boy, but Gremlin has always been wonderful – consoling, comforting, and distributing her attention to all of her offspring. She lovingly groomed Grendel for a long time while keeping a supportive arm around the new infant.

Baby Goodali in Gombe with Gremlin and Grendal

The ‘G’ and ‘F Families’ have been documented for 60 continuous years – beginning with Jane’s own research – which has allowed us to not only track lineages but also what we call ‘narrative research’ over many generations. It took us just a few minutes to find her, and we were delighted to see…. that at nearly 50 years old, she had a new baby!

The footage feels pleasantly similar to Orangutan Smile: A mother orangutan cuddles her baby.

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