Fox News Complains About Concept Of ‘Fairness’ After Polls Show Support For AOC’s Tax Plan


In terms of politics America is a peculiar beast. Our system can get stuck in old ways of thinking for  decades or more (gay marriage, marijuana) and then, all of a sudden, there comes a tipping point and things start to change very quickly. As a country America is still an awkward teenager and it experiences sudden changes in its body politic.

Such has been the case since 2016 with formerly dirty words like “socialism” and “progressive tax reform.” Thanks to leaders like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez beating the drum as vocal supporters for reforming the system so that it serves the majority and not a tiny minority of elites the idea that the wealthiest Americans should be paying back more to the country that made them so wealth is gaining visibility and picking up steam.

And conservative media is scared sh*tless.

In a recent Fox News segment the hosts expressed confusion and dismay that a large majority of Americans – as evidenced by Fox’s own polling – support raising taxes on millionaires. Their guest goes on to complain about how it’s all because we’ve been teaching kids the importance of “fairness” in schools.

It didn’t take long for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to chime in.

Some pointed out that a certain guy with a beard and long hair and some crazy ideas who conservatives always claim to love…was pretty big on fairness actually.

Indeed Fox News better brace itself. Considering what they’re teaching in schools these days pretty soon every American is going to be demanding a juice box and a snack and then we’ll be no better than Red China.

Hows that for a 2020 campaign slogan?

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