Game Of Thrones fans were angry with Alfie Allen for spoiling Theon Greyjoy’s death on Instagram

Game of Thrones Season 8 episode 3 aired this Sunday. It was a battle episode, titled “The Long Night“, and it had a lot of great moments and deaths. One of the biggest deaths was that of Theon Greyjoy, which occured towards the very end of the episode. However, actor Alfie Allen spoiled it for the fans before everybody had a chance to see it happen. Read on!

Alfie Allen’s Theon Greyjoy has had a rollercoaster ride on the show. We have seen many characters in the grey, going from bad guys to good guys, and Theon has led the charge here. However, in “The Long Night” we saw Theon meet his end, as he charged towards the Night King in his final bid to save Bran and the Night King got him.

Alfie posted a picture to his Instagram, which the fans considered as a spoiler for Theon’s exit from the show, even though it was posted after the episode aired. Check it out:

Many fans were annoyed and angry at this apparent spoiler and sounded off in the comments. The picture just shows a Greyjoy armour. The caption was the real giveaway, with Alfie putting in nothing but a broken hear emoji, and there’s not much else that could mean.

Well, while fans were annoyed for a while, the comments on Alfie’s Instagram now are all praises. Not only that, Alfie has even seen a jump in his follower count on the social media platform since the episode aired, getting over a 100k new subscribers.

What did you think about this scene? Are you one of those people that got it spoilt for them by Alfie? Talk to us in the comments, down below!

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