Game of Thrones Season 8 trailer: Did Ser Jorah Mormont just get his own Valyrian Steel sword?

Game of Thrones fulfilled its promise on Tuesday giving us a full-length official trailer for the new season and now all we can do is wait for over a month for it to get to our television sets. While the official trailer gave us an insight of the intense battle scenes and how bloodier this season is gonna be, it also had several easter eggs to look forward to like the Greyjoys being absent, and much more. In this article, we share with you something about Ser Jorah Mormont we just noticed in the trailer.

Game of Thrones Season 8 trailer Did Ser Jorah just get his own Valyrian Steel sword

We already have done an in-depth analysis of the trailer but since the trailer is still giving us chills, we’re watching the trailer over and over again. While this trailer showed us Ser Jorah Mormont– the Dragon Queen Daenerys Targaryen’s most loyal trustee and friend in two of the scenes, we noticed a new weapon upgrade on him. And, it came in the form of a new Valyrian Steel sword we’ve seen twice in the show. This isn’t the ancestral sword of House Mormont that currently lies in possession of Jon ‘Aegon’ Targaryen, but of House Tarly that Samwell Tarly was denied by his father Randall Tarly. Yes, we’re talking about Heartsbane here.

While fans had long-speculated after Season 6 that Sam’s father will come after him in Season 7 to get back the family sword, all we got to see was him getting barbequed by Drogon in episode 5. Yet the friendship developed between Sam and Jorah in the last season could be the reason we see Jorah wielding the sword in Season 8.

This will be confirmed when we finally see Jorah arrive with his Khaleesi and party at Winterfell in episode 1 of Season 8 on April 14 and him meeting Sam. For now, all we can do is think about Ser Jorah shattering a couple of White Walkers with it.

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