George R. R. Martin reveals the costume he wore for his unseen Game of Thrones cameo

When a show becomes a magnanimous success everything associated with it becomes a treasure for fans. Game of Thrones was a success of gigantic proportions and it is going to be quite sometime when the dust will finally settle down on it. Although the show finished its run about a year ago, it has continued to stay in the news. Almost every week there is something new being revealed about the show. Now, its the turn for a glimpse of an unseen cameo that is going to excite a lot of fans!

It is an open secret that George R. R. Martin had a cameo in Thrones that never came to fruition. Martin, as well, has teased us enough through his own posts about what might have been! This time he has gone the distance and even posted the pic of his costume that he was supposed to wear in one of the scenes.

In fact, Martin tweeted about it and linked it to his recent blog on not a blog. He wrote:

On his Not a Blog, he talked about the various cameos that he had been in so far and why some of his cameos never saw the light on Thrones.

“I’ve done my own cameos over the years as well.   You can catch a glimpse of me (young, dark-haired me) in two different episodes of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST.  The first one you’d need to be blind to miss; the second one you’ll miss if you blink.   More recently, I played a zombie version of myself in Z NATION (still signing books), and had my head bitten off by a shark in SHARKNADO 3 (though they cut all my lines, pfui). “

He added:

“I wanted to be a severed head on the walls of the Red Keep next to Ned Stark (and David & Dan, ideally), but our budget was not so robust first season, and those severed heads are damned expensive.   I also campaigned to die horribly at the Red Wedding, which seemed only fair since I was responsible for it, but it was felt that my presence in that powerful, wrenching, bloody scene might have taken the viewers out of the moment.   Fair enough.   And not wrong.”

Well, with all due respect, Martin being in the red wedding would have seriously distracted the audience. However, we do sometimes wonder, how that unseen pilot would have looked like.

In the current doom and gloom, Martin did recently provide us with some positivity when he confirmed that he is writing daily in the quarantine. We hope, unlike his cameos, The Winds of Winter do get to see the light of the day soon!

How did you like the costume? Do you wonder about that unaired pilot as well? Write to us in the comments below!

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