GoT fans share blunt reactions to series finale

Tragic, ironic, and maybe inevitable, Jon Snow ended his arc not sitting the Iron Throne, but instead as the slayer of both his kin and his queen.

Jon’s stabbing of Daenerys in the destroyed throne room of the Red Keep is exactly the kind of story turn we’ve come to expect from Game of Thrones, and a fittingly bittersweet ending to the one-time lovers’ stories. But the turns it took to get there felt pretty rushed to a lot of people.

One poster expressed sympathy for Daenerys as a character, writing, “a moment of silence for daenerys targaryen, a victim to horrible writing and a rushed story. may she rest in peace”

Others took the conclusion of her story personally, with more than one poster expressing real frustration. According to one commenter, “daenerys deserves SUCH a better death. after all she’s done, good and bad, she’s one of the most iconic characters in television history […] and that death did not do her justice AT ALL. I’M MAD.”

Even people who liked the finale seemed to express some frustration with the speed at which Daenerys’ story developed. Said Jen Chaney, TV critic for Vulture, “Initial #GameOfThronesFinale thoughts: An excellent finale. I still think Dany’s decisions were rushed but the outcome was satisfying and there were strong character moments for just about everyone, especially Tyrion.”

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