HBO will not make any Game of Thrones sequel, confirms top executive

Game of Thrones ended this Sunday, with a finale that might not have been satisfying to some, but yet pretty great, as far as conclusions are considered. However, some fans have been so displeased that they have been running a petition to get HBO to remake Season 8. Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa Stark, recently commented on this, calling the act disrespectful. Read on!

Sophie Turner talked to the New York Times, about how she expected the ending to not satisfy everyone, but still thought the petition was taking things a bit too far:

“Honestly, I’m not surprised. People always have an idea in their heads of how they want a show to finish, and so when it doesn’t go to their liking, they start to speak up about it and rebel.”

“The thing about “Game of Thrones” that’s always been amazing is the fact that there’s always been crazy twists and turns, right from Season 1 with Ned’s beheading. So Daenerys becoming something of the Mad Queen — it shouldn’t be such a negative thing for fans. It’s a shock for sure, but I think it’s just because it hasn’t gone their way.”

“All of these petitions and things like that — I think it’s disrespectful to the crew, and the writers, and the filmmakers who have worked tirelessly over 10 years, and for 11 months shooting the last season. Like 50-something night shoots. So many people worked so, so hard on it, and for people to just rubbish it because it’s not what they want to see is just disrespectful.”

Sophie Turner talks about the end of Game of Thrones, her final costume fitting

The petition to remake Season 8, currently sits at almost 1.5 million signatures. She was also asked how she felt about the show ending:

“I don’t know. This whole time I felt like I’ve been prepared for it, and now that it’s come to the day and it’s over, it feels horrible. And, I’m doing a press day for my new movie but everyone keeps asking me about how I feel, and I just want to cry.”

Sophie also commented on Bran becoming the King:

“King Bran the Broken. I suppose it was unexpected but it makes a lot of sense. The best way for us to move into the future is to look at our past and try to not make those mistakes that we did in the past. And he’s the one person that knows everything, so it does make sense. It feels like he would be an incredibly fair ruler.”

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