How Melissa Benoist got ripped for Supergirl

Obviously the CW couldn’t cast just anyone as Supergirl, which meant that Melissa Benoist had to go through a rigorous audition process before she got anywhere close to landing the role. The wait was made even more excruciating because, according to Benoist, “I believe I was the first girl they saw.” That first audition was in October 2014, and it was just the start. In 2015, she told Entertainment Weekly, “It was a long, drawn-out, three-month process. I auditioned around Halloween 2014 and then didn’t land the part until February 2015. I went through multiple screen-tests, multiple auditions with the producing team. There was a lot.”

During that extensive audition process, Variety reported that Benoist found a champion in producer Greg Berlanti. “Greg championed me the whole time and was in my corner,” Benoist remembered. “Even when I didn’t think the part was mine, he was always rooting for me. That support goes a long way, especially when I’m fighting for something I want so badly. His belief in me really touched me.” Berlanti echoed the sentiment, saying, “If we had not found her, I would have said, ‘I don’t want to make this.'”

The first episode aired almost a year after that first audition, on October 26, 2015, and since then, Benoist has seen hundreds of kids in their own versions of her costume. “Every Halloween there are quite a bit of Supergirls,” she told Jimmy Kimmel, so it was worth the wait.

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