Iconic TV shows that deserve a reboot

It’s only been a decade since The Wire left the air, so the idea of a reboot may feel a little untouchable to some, especially considering the fact that it’s generally regarded as one of — if not the — best series ever made. But its themes are still relevant, and there’s plenty more that can be explored.

Michael K. Williams, who played Omar Little, told the BBC in 2018, “It dived so honestly into what was wrong in our society, from the police department to our lawmakers to our school system, and the media. It represented what was happening in our community.” The Wire put a spotlight on the city of Baltimore, and perhaps that story has rightfully come to a close. 

Rebooting The Wire wouldn’t mean redoing the original show. Instead, if the show were to make a comeback, it would need a different setting, and (at least partially) a different cast. But if it were to be approached in the same style, with the same creative team behind it, a continuation of the show would definitely work.

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