Initially Lena Headey wanted Cersei to have some big piece or fight with somebody in her final moments

Game of Thrones gave us a shocker with Season 8 episode 4 “The Last of the Starks” as one longtime character, Missandei, was executed by the Mountain, on Cersei’s command. This was a twist in an episode which was expected to be a low-key filler episode and shocked and upset many fans that loved her character. In a Making Game of Thrones interview, actress Nathalie Emmanuel discussed Missandei’s journey. Read on!

Speaking of her reaction when she first found out about Missandei’s fate, Nathalie said:

“Once I read she was captured in the battle, I knew she was going to be a casualty. A part of me felt like her journey had been cut so short. We meet Missandei as an enslaved person in chains, and then she dies in chains. I really felt the weight and tragedy of that and what that meant — not just in the show, but in the world. It felt like a punch in the gut. I knew it would be the same for people who supported Missandei and connected with her story. I was devastated that that is what happened to her, but was happy with how strong and brave she was right up until the very end.”

Nathalie Emmanuel discusses Missandei's character development, her death, and more

Before Missandei dies, we see her utter her last words, “Dracarys”, which was a powerful moment for her. Speaking of this moment, Nathalie said:

“She came in and went out fighting until the very last moment. It’s a testament to who she is. The moment we meet Missandei (Season 3, Episode 3), Daenerys warns her, “I’m taking you to war. You may go hungry, you may fall sick, you may be killed.” She joined Daenerys knowing that and was prepared to die at some point, and she fulfilled that promise of loyalty to Daenerys in a way.

“Dracarys” is a callback to earlier seasons, but Missandei is ferocious in that last moment, which is something we’ve never seen before. She still has her dignity intact, in control and brave. Her life of enslavement has taught her to be collected, calm and non-threatening — to be correct and perfect. In that last moment, she’s like: “F**k this. I’m going to yell and be angry,” and that’s amazing. Her rage really came through and that’s something I was happy to see.”

Speaking of taking an exit before her long-time co-stars Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen) and Jacob Anderson (Grey Worm), Nathalie said:

“There are so many stories that have to conclude and loose ends that have to get tied up, that Dany and I didn’t get that final scene made it even harder. When I read that scene of Grey Worm and Missandei making plans for the future, I knew that wasn’t going to end well. Part of why Game of Thrones is so good is that is makes you feel the heartbreak and devastation of what could’ve been.”

Well, let’s hope Grey Worm and Dany avenger her. What do you guys think? Talk to us on the comments, down below!

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