James Hibberd from EW promises that the trailer for Game Of Thrones Season 8 is underway

Almost 85 days until the grand airing of the new season of Game of Thrones and yet the wait almost seems eternal. But, since we have Entertainment Weekly with us – there’s nothing to worry about much! They’ve got you covered with all the details of the new season. After the first image and an exclusive cover story revealing the opening scene of the final season, they now confirm via a small interview of the showrunners that we’ll soon get the official trailer.

James Hibberd from Entertainment Weekly talked to the showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss. Benioff wonders if trailers for a show like Game of Thrones were not a thing – though I believe, marketing has its own role to play in making it popular. According to Benioff:

“[David Lynch] was saying he wished there were no trailers…And it’s true, you could just go into a movie and see something completely fresh.”

And, the second showrunner Dan Weiss too had his own explanation of why they believe trailers take away the surprise factor from the show. He said:

“I wish there were no trailers…I just want somebody to say, ‘Trust me, go see this.’”

Yet, a big trailer or not – Game of Thrones Season 8 in itself is building up a big hype with what the last season left us with – many questions to be answered, especially what happens next? But, no worries as we are definitely getting the official trailer soon, as Weiss has said:

“We won’t though…Because then we went and saw Ready Player One with our kids and they played the Westworld trailer and it looked great. And we’re like, ‘Ah, we should do that.’”

Yet, Hibberd believes that:

“Unlike almost all other shows and movies, the hype around Game of Thrones is so huge that HBO doesn’t need to release a trailer many months in advance to build awareness and anticipation. And given the showrunners’ reluctance to release more advance footage than is necessary, it seems probable that we might only get one full trailer before the show returns in April (perhaps a main trailer, then a second with just a bit of extra footage the week before premiere, along with a couple 30-second ad spots — or something to that extent).”

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We too believe that we are definitely getting a new trailer and of course, the official poster of the new season soon. When do you think HBO will drop the official trailer? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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