Joe Jonas reveals his parents found out about wedding with Sophie Turner from the internet

Joe Jonas married Sophie Turner in a surprise ceremony in Las Vegas on May 1 after the Jonas Brothers performed at the Billboard Awards. And, during an appearance on episode of The Graham Norton Show, Joe Jonas, 29, revealed that his parents found out that he and Sophie, 23, had tied the knot from the INTERNET, rather than hearing the news from him.

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The exposure comes just days after the Jonas Brothers singer confessed that wedding guest Diplo ‘ruined’ their surprise wedding by live-streaming it on Instagram. Talking about his ‘quickie’ wedding, Graham asked Joe if his parents now know that he’s married to Sophie, after their recent wedding in Las Vegas.

Joe disclosed: ‘They do, the internet told them! I’m still trying to make it better!

While Joe’s parents found out thanks to the internet, Sophie’s mother Sally, 62, told MailOnline: ‘Sophie did call me before. She said, ‘mum, I’m getting married in Vegas.‘ With a big smile on her face, she added: ‘I am absolutely delighted and so is my husband Andrew.

Joe Jonas reveals his parents found out about wedding with Sophie Turner from the internet


The wedding happened four weeks ago, but with Joe and the rest of his brothers preparing to go on tour starting in August the newlyweds are yet to go on a honeymoon.

The Jonas Brothers, who have just declared their first European headline tour in almost a decade, performed live in the studio, before joining Graham for a chat. Asked about getting back together, Nick said: ‘It’s incredible, we had six years away. Getting the family back together was the priority so the payoff is even sweeter.

We talked everything through over a drinking game. We didn’t see each other for a long time and it took its toll on the family,’ added Kevin. Talking about the news of the reunion being revealed ahead of time, Kevin laughed: ‘That was my daughter Alena – she told the entire school. She blew the secret!

Joe Jonas reveals his parents found out about wedding with Sophie Turner from the internet


In the meantime, Joe recently opened up about Diplo ‘ruining’ his secret Las Vegas wedding with Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner. Jonas, along with brothers Nick and Kevin, appeared on the UK radio program Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp, where he said the wedding was, ‘lit.’

When it was mentioned that Diplo ‘ruined’ the secretive event by posting a live stream of the ceremonies on Instagram, Joe reacted with a teasing dis of Diplo and his continuous Instagram habit.

Diplo did. Yeah, he ruined it. I love Diplo, but he loves his Gram more than a 13 year old,’ Joe, 29, joked. ‘He posts every five seconds. He literally live-streamed with dog face filters. We just laughed. We loved it. We thought it was ridiculous,’ Joe added. ‘I just loved that he was walking into the chapel and he’s like, ‘Gonna hit this wedding real quick,” he joked.

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Sophie also addressed Diplo effectively becoming the unofficial ‘wedding photographer’ during a recent appearance on The Graham Norton Show.

Well, we didn’t choose him to be our wedding photographer, he just kind of decided to live stream it,’ Turner said on the UK program. The actress added that they are planning a ‘big party’ to celebrate their wedding as well, but Turner was reserved, only stating, ‘Potentially.’

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