Jon Snow and Arya Stark reunite in the latest Game of Thrones Season 8 promo

Game of Thrones fans are eagerly waiting for a second trailer from HBO and can’t hold their cravings any longer for the new season, though only 15 days remain until its release. While a second trailer can be wishful thinking as it might give away some major scenes and set pieces in the new season apart from Battle of Winterfell – we are unaware of, we recently got a new behind-the-scenes promo from Game of Thrones. Though it didn’t feature any new scene from Season 8, yet all die-hard fans can get a view of the stunts done behind-the-camera that actually look much different from the finalised version.

Game of Thrones recently dropped another behind-the-scenes promo that features the crew members talking about how stuntmen worked hard to bring to life major battles in the series. The stunt coordinator Rowley Ilram, who has been linked to many brutal and awesome action and set pieces in episodes like A Dance With Dragons, Fire and Blood, and Spoils of War, gives you a look into the amount of hard work put to bring these fantastic scenes to life. He begins by saying,

“When you read the scenes, there’s a journey in there…I’ve got to try and find to find a way to achieve what’s on the pages and make it interesting. You [have to] choreograph and then I’m thinking ‘How safe can I make it?’ …We’re trying to create this really dynamic frame of action… We’d love to go home at the end of the day and no one’s paid any kind of price for…”

About the loot train attack from Season 7, where Daenerys roasted a number of Lannister and Tarly soldiers alive, the crew members have revealed that it was the first time they had put so many stuntmen on fire. Rowley in the promo reveals:

“We’ve burnt more people than anybody else basically and there’s a bit of mental preparation that goes into these things but it’s really controlled, it’s a real process. We do a lot of rehearsal where we put masks on people, walk them to where we’re gonna do the burn with their hands on the shoulders of safety guys and we line them all up…”

“We then methodically practice but what we’ve got like our fire dance which is when you are set on fire – the route you take in the scene to where you lie down to be extinguished by the safety guys,” a stunt performer reveals.

“We’ve got guys covering them all up all the time… We only burn them for 15 seconds that ensures that we’re not going to have any significant heat transfer. They [stunt performers] wear three layers of Nomex underwear – it won’t burn and melt like a man-made fabric and that’s soaked in a fire-proof gel…then they put on a thin rain suit…there’s a fire suit on top of that… then a boiler suit over the fire suit and then the costumes… there’s a quite a few layers going on,” adds Rowley.

“The show keeps getting bigger…during new truck, we did twenty in one that was a wreck with the TV…We did it wantingly to set a record and everyone likes that. It was a shot that was the shield wall and everyone gets in here… I had a purpose not only a record…it’s a little stressful but with all stunt work is all about harnessing that stress and channelling it…Fear’s really good – Fear will keep you safe but you need to just channel that fear and use that energy to achieve what you want to achieve…”

Talking a bit about Season 8 – well not about the scenes he has worked for, Rowley says:

“I wanted to finish it…There was no way I wasn’t gonna come back for Season 8 but I think the story is nearly ready to be completely told…it’s a little bit into a little sadness but I’m proud that I’ve been a part of it for four years…I’ve done half of it and I’ve enjoyed every moment of it… So, I will always look back at it very fondly.”

This gives us some hope for the final season, which has already been teased by cast members who call it bloodier, full of action, and heart wrecking at the same time. Watch the full video released by Game of Thrones here:

What are your hopes for the intense action pieces in Season 8 and how excited are you for the insane one-hour-twenty-two-minute-long Battle of Winterfell coming out on April 28? Tell us in the comments below.

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