Kit Hariongton “lost his way” as Game of Thrones ended, says costume designer Michele Clapton

Prior to seeking therapy at a wellness retreat in May, Kit Harington had “lost his way” due to the stress of Game of Thrones finally ending, claims the show’s costume designer Michele Clapton. Speaking to Us Weekly, the Emmy-winning designer described Harington as a “sensitive soul” and revealed that he had been extremely emotional during the read-through for the final season.

Clapton believes that the actors, many of them first-timers, had become extremely involved with the show and it almost became their identity. In her words:

“They were children when they started. And it became such an enormous thing, and I think when you stop, it’s sort of a huge security blanket is taken away. I mean, they all became friends with each other, and then suddenly, there’s nothing to go back to. So I would imagine that had something to do with it. He lost his way a bit.”

Kit Hariongton "lost his way" as Game of Thrones ended, says costume designer Michele Clapton

Harington’s sensitive and introverted nature did not help matters, and his inability to cope with this loss was becoming visible to Clapton. She told the magazine:

“He was really a sensitive soul, and he was very upset in that final read through because I think it felt like home for [the cast], and they realized, ‘This is it.’ As much as he’s talented and will go on to many other things, I think it’s just after eight or nine years, it’s a big adjustment. I’m sure he’ll be OK, though.”

Harington was undergoing cognitive behavioural therapy and mindful meditation training to cope with stress, negative emotions, and alcohol abuse in a luxury wellness retreat in Connecticut. He was recently spotted out in London, after his rehab, and seems to be doing well.

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