Maisie Williams calms down The New Mutants co-star who freaked out during film premiere

Maisie Williams has continued to rise and shine even after the finish of Game of Thrones. The little girl who emerged on to the big stage from Thrones has now become a very popular figure and has continued to pick up interesting projects on the way. The New Mutants is one such project and we now have interesting news related to it. Read on!

Marvel’s delayed project The New Mutants comprises of many new and young actors. While the audience has to still wait for their turn as the film’s release has been further pushed from April 3rd, the cast has already seen the film. Apparently Blu Hunt, who plays the love interest of Williams in the film, freaked out on seeing herself on the big screen. Williams had to then calm her down and reassure her of being very good in the film.

Maisie Williams calms down her freaked out co-star of The New Mutants

As per Cinemablend, Hunt had an interesting experience to share:

“It was overwhelming. I never thought I’d see myself in a movie, and the first shot is of my face! I was shaking in the theatre, but Maisie [Williams] grabbed me, like, ‘You’re good! It’s good!’”

It was nice to see Williams using her experience to calm Hunt down. She would be knowing it all too well having seen the fame, acclaim, and criticism from a very young age. The fact that they also play each other’s love interest in the film would have also brought them closer to each other.

The New Mutants after being delayed quite a few times was going to release on April 3rd but has been now postponed indefinitely due to Coronavirus spread.

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