Maisie Williams quashes rumours of an alternate Game of Thrones ending

Game of Thrones may have finished nearly a year ago but the rumors surrounding its final season refuses to end. Ever since Dean-Charles Chapman urged the network to release the alternate ending of the show’s finale there has been lots of talk about it. Fans have gone on to wonder in great detail about the possible alternate ending but now it seems like we can put that rumor to rest. Read on! recently caught up with Maisie Williams who played the role of Arya Stark on the show. She was asked about the alternate ending and she said:

“We didn’t [film an alternate ending],’ she added. “It costs so much money and the schedule was way too tight. We were spending all the money on dragons.”

Maisie Williams quashes alternate ending rumors of Game of Thrones final season

She said she knew fans wished they filmed multiple endings but they didn’t unfortunately.

“I think people wish we did, But..we didn’t! So, that’s your lot!”

Talking about her next TV show where she will be seen starring in the comedy-drama Two Weeks To Live, alongside Fleabag’s Sian Clifford. Williams seemed very happy and said:

“I’m very excited to jump into something that was kind of the polar opposite of Game of Thrones, And I had the best time doing it. They are very different shows.”

Apart from the TV show, Williams will, of course, be seen in the big film ‘The New Mutants‘, the first look of which was revealed recently.

Well, that’s about it. Let’s just stop talking about possible endings of Thrones and revel on its genius, shall we? Let us know your thoughts on this news. The comment section is all yours!

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