Marvel stories that should be told on Disney+

It’s no secret that Netflix’s Iron Fist had its problems. It lacked the grit of Daredevil, the intrigue of Jessica Jones, or the charm of Luke Cage. However, those that stuck with the Danny Rand character to the end of the second and final season will know his storyline was poised to get into some pretty fun and super mystical territory.

As the character never failed to mention, he was the immortal Iron Fist, tasked with protecting the magical city of K’un-Lun. However, it was hinted that K’un-Lun wasn’t the only magical city worth protecting. In the comics, Danny’s status as the Iron Fist makes him the perfect champion to represent K’un-Lun in the Tournament of the Seven Capital Cities of Heaven. That’s right. It turns out that Iron Fist’s chosen home is just one of seven cities that converge every 88 years for a good, old-fashioned, Mortal Kombat-style fighting tournament.

Although Iron Fist may not have been the best show in the ill-fated Marvel/Netflix partnership, it was at its best when it was showing off cool fight scenes with even cooler characters. Adapting the Seven Capital Cities of Heaven storyline would basically offer the character we know a bevy of opportunities to fight high-concept martial arts masters with powers and gimmicks of their own. Now, there’s a lot of stuff about portals, world domination, and the politics of heavenly cities to pad the plot out in the comic. However, if the studio can see fit to bring any of the Defenders back, this story might be the way to go.

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