Meanwhile In Gujarat, 7 Lions Decided To Take A Midnight Stroll In The Streets & We Can’t Even –

I think we’ve already established that we’re in some weird, alternate timeline now, and well, looks like this is the timeline where Jumanji is actually coming to life.

Last month, there were videos going around of crocodiles taking over the streets of Gujarat during floods and if we thought that was bad, now even lions have come out to play.

A new video from Gujarat shows a pride of around seven lions just roaming around on the streets. Yep, lions just casually walking around, no big deal. Just imagine being out for a nice walk and the next thing you notice are lions walking right behind you. 

The video was reportedly captured in the town of Junagadh, which is located in the close vicinity of the Girnar Wildlife Sanctuary that houses over 40 Asiatic lions, so it makes sense that lions were spotted there. But, there’s a difference between a sanctuary and the streets.

Since the last few weeks Gujarat is experiencing heavy rainfall.

While this honestly feels like a pretty scary situation to be in, there might not be anything to worry about since this is a common occurrence, apparently. 

Finally, at least no lion or person was hurt, and in the end, that’s all that matters.

Also, important. Don’t mess with them, they won’t mess with you.


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