‘Rey Prudhvi, Call Me’: Naga Babu On Janasena Donations

Mega brother Naga Babu is in the headlines for nearly a month and half for his critical comments on TDP and YSRCP. It is an open secret that Naga Babu is supporting his brother Pawan Kalyan and his party, Jana Sena in the upcoming elections.

Apart from the moral support, Naga Babu also extended a financial support by donating Rs 25 Lakh to the party as fund sometime back. On this donation, comedian and newly appointed state secretary of YSRCP, Prudhviraj made some comments. The comedian alleged that Pawan received the money from overseas but to the media and public it is being shown as Naga Babu and his son Varun Tej’s donations.

Reacting to this in an exclusive interview with a Telugu news channel, Naga Babu turned serious. ‘I did not see the video. Did Prudhvi make such comments? Really? Rey Prudhvi call me! You have my contact number, I will reply to you personally,’ said the Mega brother.

When the press person asked about the same, Naga Babu replied, ‘To whom should I prove that I gave money to my brother? I did not give any black money nor I will challenge others to check my bank transactions. I gave pure accounted money.’

Naga Babu also cleared that he doesn’t have Jana Sena membership and will not directly campaign for Pawan in the elections.

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