Richard Madden made SAG Awards viewers furious by dropping a Game of Thrones season 3 spoiler

Richard Madden was a guest at recently held Screen Actors Guild Awards 2019, held at The Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California. When the 32-year-old actor appeared on the stage with actor Kerri Russell, 42, to present an award, he talked about his previous work on Game of Thrones. The Bodyguard star played Robb Stark in the HBO drama for three years before this character was murdered in 2013.

Richard Madden made SAG Awards viewers furious by dropping a huge Game of Thrones spoiler


Turning to Kerri, he joked: “It was like six years since I was killed off [Game of Thrones], you need to get over it Kerri.” His comment enraged many viewers watching at home, some of which took to Twitter to talk about the moment. You read it correctly, some fans who have started watching the show recently were furious at Madden for revealing something that happened 6 years ago!

One viewer exclaimed: “Damn, Richard Madden! WTF was that?”(sic) while a second complained: “That was not cool to drop that spoiler!”

A third commentator said: “I’m watching the SAG Awards with my friend that I’m re-watching Game of Thrones with (she hasn’t seen it) and we were on 3X06!”

Another person tweeted: “Thanks @_richardmadden for spoiling your fate for my daughter who is only on episode six of season three!”

Richard Madden made SAG Awards viewers furious by dropping a huge Game of Thrones spoiler


Someone else shared: “When you are one of those people who is just starting to watch GOT and while on the @SAGawards @_richardmadden just said he gets killed off and I’m so sad that Robb Stark dies. Now I have to go binge watch to see when.”

Meanwhile, a sixth fan asked: “Is there a reason to continue watching Game of Thrones after season three? Richard Madden was pretty much the driving force tbh.”(sic)

Another viewer added: “Oh nooo @_richardmadden just announced at the #sagawards2019 that Robb Stark is killed off in GOT and Jimmy is UNHAPPY about the spoiler.”(sic)

Richard was not nominated for an award on the night, nor was the hit drama series Bodyguard, which he played the lead role in.



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