Rock climbing and bouldering! The secret of Jason Momoa’s impressive physique

Rock climbing and bouldering! Jason Momoa’s impressive physique secret

Hollywood star Jason Momoa is the man of the moment with his film Aquaman being a superhit. But, if there is one thing that caught our fancy – it’s the fact that he does most of the stunts in the film himself; and obviously his strong and muscular physique. So, what’s the secret behind this remarkable fitness level?


Well, unlike most actors, who choose the path of weight training, Momoa prefers the outdoor dare of rock-climbing and bouldering. One look at his Instagram will make you understand his love for both these activities as it is stuffed with pictures of him busy in either one of them.


Most stars take to the gym to get in shape but not the ‘Aquaman’ star, who likes the rough and tough grind of rock climbing. Jason Momoa has often spoken about his love for the outdoors and has also mentioned how exercising in the wild makes him emotionally strong.


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