Schitt’s Creek season 6 premiere date, cast, and plot

As of October 2019, there are no explicit plot details available for Schitt’s Creek season 6. But one thing is for sure: the entire core cast is returning for the final 14 episodes — including both Levys, O’Hara, Murphy, Robertson, Elliott, Hampshire, Reid, Milligan, and more.

Regarding what the show’s over-the-top and incredible group of characters might get up to, that remains to be seen, though fans can look to the fifth season to try to guess what might happen on the sixth. During Schitt’s Creek season 5, Moira booked a potentially exciting new film gig (the ultimately doomed The Crows Have Eyes III: The Crowening), Stevie starred in a production of the classic musical Cabaret put on by the town, Ted and Alexis continued their relationship, and, in the show’s most emotional moment to date, Patrick proposed to David. When Schitt’s Creek season 6 begins and fans catch back up with their favorite characters, there are any number of directions in which they could go — but viewers can rest easy knowing the gang is in the capable hands of Dan and Eugene Levy. 

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