See Emilia Clarke in the trailer for her first film post Game of Thrones, Last Christmas

Game of Thrones might have made big stars of most of the actors that were on the show, but for nearly a decade, these stars were also somewhat tied down to the show, and couldn’t take on too many other projects. A prime example is Emilia Clarke, who hasn’t appeared in many films or TV series during her time on Game of Thrones. However, now we have the trailer for the first film Emilia is going to be starring in since she wrapped up the show – Last Christmas. Read on!

Last Christmas looks like your typical holiday cheer filled rom-com that we’re all in the mood for around that time. It stars Emilia Clarke in what seems like a role that mirrors her natural bubbly personality, and opposite her is Henry Golding from Crazy Rich Asians fame. Check out the trailer:

Now, this might look like regular Emilia to us, but for those fans of her that have only seen her as Daenerys and not as Emilia herself, it is a far throw from the fire queen. The film also stars Emma Thompson, who is known for her numerous roles, with Professor Terawlney from Harry Potter being one of them, and Michelle Yeoh, who was also in Crazy Rich Asians, among her other acting credits. Paul Feig is at the helm. If you find the name familiar, it’s probably because of a Wham! song by the same name. Heck, the poster also says “Featuring the music of George Michael”, and the trailer is a testament to that. What a treat!

Media outlets are reporting a release date of November 7, 2019, right in time for the holidays. The movie seems like a great pick for your holiday run. What could be better than the mother of dragons dressed channelling a cute little elf?

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