Sivaja Raja Refuses To Handover MAA To Naresh

Outgoing Movie Artistes Association (MAA) president Sivaji Raja, who recently lost in the MAA election, is refusing to step down from the post as per Naresh. Allegedly, Sivaji Raja isn’t ready to handover the MAA president post to newly-elected Naresh.

According to Naresh, Sivaji Raja doesn’t want to the newly-elected president, vice-president, general secretary and team to take over. Sivaji Raja’s version is that he has tenure till 31st March. He is of the opinion that no one should sit in the MAA president post except him until 31st March. On this matter, Shivaji Raja reportedly threatened to move court if the newly-elected team tries to intervene into the body. Naresh alleged that Shivaji Raja had threatened him on phone. In the emergency meet that took place under the leadership of Election Returning Officer Krishna Mohan, Naresh made these comments.

Naresh said, “Some irregularities have taken place in the MAA during Sivaji Raja’s tenure. Yet, we have forgiven and have decided to move on keeping the integirity of MAA into account. We wanted to unite all and work together. But the latest issues are stopping us from working. We have many works to do. In front of the industry bigwigs, we all have fixed 22nd March as the muhurat. But now Sivaji Raja is refusing to leave office. This is not correct. We are ready to listen to what industry bigwigs say.

Newly-elected vice president Rajashekhar and general secretary Jeevitha were also present.

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