The craziest moments in HBO’s Westworld

This speech. It was teased in the very first episode — Hector (Rodrigo Santoro) starts delivering it after robbing the bank in Sweetwater, but is shot and killed before he can finish. Lee Sizemore (Simon Quarterman), the head writer for the hosts of the park, expresses disbelief that a guest would kill his gunslinger before the big moment.

There are a few other times that the speech is started, but we don’t get to hear it properly until the finale of season two. Hector attempts to sacrifice himself and deliver it, but Lee stops him and decides to do it himself.

Facing down a mercenary squad, he shouts: “You wanted me? Well, let this be a lesson. And the lesson is: if you’re looking for a reckoning, a reckoning is what you’ll find. If you’re looking for a villain, then I’m your man. But look at yourselves. The world you’ve built is bound by villainy! You sleep on the broken bodies of the ones who were here before you. Warm yourself with their embers, plow their bones into your fields. You paid them for this land with lead, and they’ll pay you back in full. You wanted me? Well, all I can say to that is here I f***ing am!”

He’s then shot down in a hail of gunfire. A pointless death? Maybe. An awesome one? You better believe it.

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