The ending of The Mandalorian chapter four explained

The Mandalorian‘s fourth episode introduced us to Cara Dune, former Rebellion soldier-turned outlaw mercenary who is a little rougher around the edges than Mando. It was a bit of a surprise to have her drop into Mando’s life, then to see him say goodbye to her by the episode’s end, when we know we’re going to see her again — but honestly, that only builds all the more intrigue around the character. We’re pleased to see she hasn’t been immediately relegated to Potential Love Interest, and that she just might grow into the role of Mando’s actual butt-kicking BFF, provided there are no last-minute betrayals on her part. Mando may not be allowed a permanent home with a white picket fence, but for crying out loud, let him have friends. 

Cara Dune also provides a really great narrative opportunity: an external foil for Mando’s feelings. Up until now, we’ve had to process most of his emotions purely through his body language, and while Pascal is doing a magnificent job communicating what’s going on underneath his helmet with almost no dialogue, the conceit does leave interpretive gaps by its very nature. Mando and Cara are immediately presented as simpatico through the time-honored trope of morally grey characters fostering friendship through fistfights. She lives the rough-and-tumble life, too, and understands that Mando does want a simpler existence, though she does not understand why he refuses it when it’s offered. We’re looking forward to seeing the two meet again, and hopefully not on opposite sides of some conflict.

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