The entire Futurama timeline finally explained

The adventures of the Planet Express crew continued on, and frankly, 140 episodes is a lot to try and summarize in one go, so from here, we’ll bounce straight to our next glimpse of the show’s universe, as witnessed in the episode “The Late Philip J. Fry.”

The story goes like this. In the year 3010, Professor Farnsworth invented a forward time machine, capable of propelling its occupants through time, but only forward. Fry, Bender, and the Professor, through miscalculations and some accidental lever pushing, wound up travelling to the end of the universe. Here’s what they discovered.

By the year 10,000, as evidenced by a beach lined with Planet of the Apes twist endings, Earth had been home to at least five species advanced enough to create their own Statues of Liberty: humans, apes, birds, cows, and some sort of blob things.

In the year 5 million, two species inhabited Earth, one above ground and one below, H.G. Welles-style. Five years later, the savage subterranean creatures had slaughtered the denizens of the surface.

In 10 million A.D., robots had hunted down most of humanity. In the year 50 million, Earth had been repopulated by beautiful geniuses. On and on the company continued forward, eventually reaching the end of the universe where, much to everyone’s surprise, everything just sort of started over again. And after accidentally landing their time ship on top of this new timeline’s Fry, Bender, and Professor, they resumed life as usual.

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