The hardest thing for Ashleigh Cummings to do on NOS4A2

In an interview with Decider, Cummings was asked how many times she’s filmed taking off Vic’s motorcycle helmet. “I’m so glad you asked this question,” replied Cummings, “because it was the bane of my existence during that period of time … there would be so many scenes where I’d have to launch into action.”

Cummings has to explain her helmet challenges to each new director. “‘You want me to launch into action and just storm off in this kind of fury and immensity of feeling and emotion and hop on my bike and go, but what’s actually going to happen is I’m going to start storming off,” said Cummings. “I’m going to take about five minutes to put this helmet on, and then I’m going to have to put the gloves on, and I’m going to have to do it up. It just takes a really long time, so it’s really going to kill the moment.'”

Helmets create costume challenges for more than just the performer wearing them. For hair and makeup people, for example, there’s a need to touch up every time the helmet comes off. Similarly, the continuity person on set has to make sure nothing looks glaringly out of place with the gear between when one shot ends and the next picks up.

In the end, there may be many dangers for Vic McQueen to be wary of, but for Cummings the greatest danger of all isn’t baby vampires — it’s motorcycle safety gear. 

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