The marriage you never noticed on The Big Bang Theory

When the news of Priya’s marriage dropped, we sadly never really got a follow-up, which means that we don’t know to whom she got married. In the grand scheme of the show, this doesn’t really matter too much, but we’re nosy, and if you’ve read this far, we’re assuming you are, too. Thankfully, one intuitive Reddit user has a theory about exactly who Priya’s husband might be.

During the Reddit discussion about Priya’s low-key marriage announcement, user MissKayBella posited, “Well she did cheat on Leonard with her ex when she went back to India so my assumption was that she married him.” Priya indeed admitting to sleeping with an ex after Leonard told her that he’d had a kiss with a woman he met in LA, which is what caused them to break up. While the ex in question could be anybody, Priya did make mention of an old boyfriend named Sanjay at a previous point in the series.

This is all pure speculation, but it does seem entirely possible that Sanjay is the person who Priya later married. It’s hardly the biggest plot hole the show has had, but we’re glad to have some closure, regardless.

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