The Witcher scene that means more than you think

In the short time that’s followed, Witcher memes have rapidly spread across social sites like Reddit and Twitter, with the tender-slash-erotic Witcher 3 sequence producing a bevy of funny and tantalizing jokes. The scene even went on to be recreated using Witcher star Henry Cavill (at Cavill’s request), with entirely new bathtub memes and mash-ups between the show and game versions of “Bathtub Geralt.” 

The inclusion of the scene was, for showrunner Hissrich, a very intentional olive branch for video game fans. “It is fun to visually throw a wink and a nod at video game fans, to say, ‘We see you too. We know you’re here,” Hissrich told GamesRadar. “And we want them to be happy with what we’re doing as well.”

Witcher star Henry Cavill echoed Hissirch’s comments ahead of the show’s premiere, telling GamesRadar that he’d be happy to see more memes of his own Geralt in a bathtub. “Yes, it’d be awesome to see that meme going around,” Cavill said. “If people are enjoying my Geralt, and if I did my job right and presented a lore-accurate Geralt, then I’m happy.” 

While it’s not clear if we’ll get another shot at the scene in a stance closer to Geralt’s The Wild Hunt posture on the show’s second season, Cavill’s bare-chested and peeking knee-cap version will surely suffice in the meantime for oglers and memers alike.  

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