This Big Bang plot hole complicates Bernadette’s story

For Bernadette, the thought of having children one day was a reminder of her childhood, when she had to raise her siblings because her parents were both working full time. Her already-squeaky voice got even higher as she recalled the many fights she had with her siblings during that time. And yet, just a few years later and with no further conversation between the couple on the subject (at least was ever shown to the audience), Bernadette shared the news with Howard that she’s pregnant and seemed quite happy about it herself. 

A Reddit user by the name of meditatorfriend pulled this plot hole out into light and questioned Bernadette’s rather drastic change of heart: “Bernadette spends a few good episodes explaining how she can’t stand children and hated that she had to help raise her brothers and sisters. Then suddenly, she gets pregnant and, just like that, accepts motherhood.” 

The plot hole doesn’t exactly end there, either. After giving birth to Halley, Bernadette quickly falls pregnant with her second baby, a plot point that may have been somewhat necessitated by Rauch’s real-life pregnancy at the time, and gives birth during season 11. Then during season 12 when Penny (Kaley Cuoco) explains that she doesn’t want kids, Bernadette berates her and tells her she’s wrong for having that mindset. 

“When Penny tells her she might be childfree, Bernadette gives her s***, and tells her she’s selfish for not wanting kids,” meditatorfriend wrote. To make matters worse, it’s revealed on the final episode of The Big Bang Theory that Penny is pregnant — and she embraces the idea of being a mother, just like Bernadette did after repeatedly stating she didn’t want children.

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