Trump Gets Roasted For Declaring National Emergency And Immediately Going Golfing

It was less than a week ago that Donald Trump declared himself to be the hardest working president in American history. This week he declared a national emergency and then immediately went golfing.

Yes nothing says “emergency” like donning your all-beige weekend leisure outfit and hitting the links in Palm Beach, especially right after you’ve announced that you will be ignoring the will of Congress and grabbing a bunch of federal funds that were meant for other purposes in a desperate attempt to fund your vanity project of a border wall.

Therefore a photo of Trump taken at his Florida golf club, where he appears to be placing an order at an omelette bar, quickly drew attention, likely due to the jarring juxtaposition of a president who just declared a national emergency looking like a retiree puttering around on holiday.

Scalding burns rained down like bacon grease.

One wonders if other presidents would have been criticized or goofing off like this during a supposed crisis. Or even for wearing tan. It’s almost like there’s some kind of “double” standard?

Hardest-working or hardly working, amirite Donny?

Some pointed out how much of a rip-off Trump’s golf club clearly is, much like Trump Steaks, Trump University etc. etc.

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