Trump Has A New Nickname, Courtesy Of Kellyanne Conway’s Husband

There are few bright spots in our gloomy political reality but one of them is definitely George Conway, husband of senior Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway, and his relentless trolling of the president/his wife’s boss.

Conway has roasted Trump repeatedly and now he’s back at it giving Trump a dose of his own branding medicine by giving him a nickname: Deranged Donald.

In a viral Twitter thread an incensed Conway took aim at Trump’s mental state and “deranged” actions such as promoting a theory that the British spied on him.

He also knocked the president’s intellectual curiosity…or lack thereof.

Finally he offered a more specific diagnosis than “deranged” repeating a charge he’s leveled before that the ever self-aggrandizing Trump may suffer from narcissistic personality disorder.

In truth it’s not a very catchy nickname and will likely slip off Teflon Don as fast as any other attempt has in the past (remember “Duckin’ Donald”?) but hey, it’s something and the hoi polloi appreciated his efforts.

For one beautiful moment at least #DerangedDonald was trending.

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