Trump Makes ‘Joke’ About Native American Genocide To Insult Elizabeth Warren

In yet another super classy mood from the classiest of presidents, Donald Trump evoked the Trail of Tears in a sarcastic tweet about Senator Elizabeth Warren’s decision to enter the 2020 presidential race. Not only did he once again refer to her as Pocahontas, the young Native American girl who was abducted, raped, and forced to marry a British colonizer, he made a clear crack about one of the worse examples of the horrific way Native Americans were treated during the invasion and colonization of their land.

Trump puts the word “trail” in all capital letters. Since the rest of the tweet was filled with “jokes” about the controversy around Warren’s previously claimed Native American heritage, one can only assume that this is a reference to the Trail of Tears. This particular “trail” is known as one of the worst atrocities in the history of the U.S. and a key part of an ongoing genocide that many of the remaining Native American tribes feel is still going on today.

A genocidal series of forced relocations in which many Native Americans died of disease, hunger, and/or exhaustion while the survivors were raped and abused along the way is absolutely 100% not appropriate to joke about. Doing so to take a jab at an opponent is the opposite of presidential.

To make things even worse, Donald Trump Jr. was caught praising a somehow even worse “joke” made by a man who goes by the name Michael Malice. Malice, who is a regular guest on Fox News and Tucker Carlson Tonight and is a columnist at a publication that was owned by Jared Kushner until he had to sell it (to a family trust) to work for President Trump, decided to brush aside any doubt about the intent of the original tweet.

In response to such a sickening “joke,” Donald Trump Jr. posted a screenshot of the interaction with by racistly praising both Malice and Trump: “Savage!! Love my President.” Savage, of course, is often used as a slur against Native Americans. Whether this was intentional on Don Jr.’s part or just a horrible mistake is unclear.

Dear Donald Trump, his family, and everyone associated with said family. This is what we think of you:

If it weren’t for the constant out-of-control-fire-hose spray of bigotry from Trump and his fans, we might be able to have a decent discussion about the issues inherent in people who appear to be very white claiming Native American heritage, possibly for points. But no. We can’t even have that.

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