What Aubrey Plaza has been doing since Parks and Rec

If you’re not familiar with the snark delivery device that was April, here’s a little crash course. Originally a college student who took an internship with the parks department, April experienced one of the show’s most dramatic transformations, while retaining her acerbic essence along the way.

Throughout the series, April always seemed gruff at best and irritated at worst by literally everyone around her, but as both her coworkers and the audience got to know her, they realized that she is incredibly loyal, surprisingly loving, and much more ambitious than she would ever let on. Ironically, April — the show’s surliest, most apathetic character — provided one of Parks and Recreation‘s main emotional through lines, thanks to her adorable relationship with Andy, the goofy, endearing, and relatively simple “shoe-shinist” turned government employee who fronted his own rock band, Mouse Rat. (In a show prone to intense emotional beats, April and Andy’s surprise wedding remains an incredible highlight.) Her close bond with the similarly inscrutable Ron Swanson, played to perfection by Offerman, is yet another example of April’s low-key yet intense loyalty and affection.

Andy helped April to lighten up a bit and change for the better, and as she continued to grow, her professional ambition was bolstered by her happy marriage and incredible group of friends. By the time the show ended, April had risen to become the Deputy Director of Animal Control, which was housed within the parks department, and eventually, she joined Leslie and Ben in Washington, D.C. to take a job at the American Service Foundation. Relocated to the nation’s capital, she and Andy started a family together, providing a satisfying conclusion to April’s character arc.

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