What happened to the British remake of That 70’s Show?

Rather than adapting the premise of That 70’s Show for a British audience, Carsey-Werner chose to go a more direct route: Days Like These was shot using the original show’s actual scripts, only changing location names and some cultural references for Brits. Rather than being set in fictional Point Place, Wisconsin, Days was set in the actual town of Luton — and while Eric Forman (portrayed by Max Wrottesley) and his mother Kitty (Ann Bryson) retained their names from the original, the rest of the cast had their names tweaked, some of them in baffling fashion.

Red Forman, for example, was renamed “Ron” (even though Red is short for Reginald, which we find to be a pretty British-sounding moniker). The Pinciottis’ surname was changed to Palmer, Kelso’s was changed to McGuire, and Jackie’s to Burget — and those were the more subtle changes. For some reason, Steven Hyde became “Dylan Jones” in the British version, and Fez no longer hailed from some indeterminate country (a running gag throughout That 70’s Show‘s run), but was pretty explicitly Norwegian — given that his name was changed to Torbjorn Rasmussen.

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