Why Crazy Jane from Doom Patrol looks so familiar

Before she signed on with Doom Patrol, Guerrero had major roles in some of the most celebrated television series of the decade. On Jane the Virgin, she played Lina Santillian, the best friend of the titular Jane. While many of the characters on the series could be secretive and scheming, Lina stood out for her straightforward and no-nonsense demeanor.

On Orange Is The New Black, she played a role that was somewhat close to her own life. Her character, Maritza Ramos, was an undocumented immigrant who grew up in the United States without any knowledge that she was actually living out of status. According to Guerrero’s 2016 memoir, In The Country We Love, she also grew up the child of undocumented immigrants. She revealed that her parents were deported to Colombia when she was only 14. Since Guerrero had been born in the United States, she remained in the country even though her parents were tragically removed. 

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